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is this fair? is this fair?

Rated 1 / 5 stars


This is insipid. Were it not for the "no promotion of unrelated web sites" rule I would want people to look at a couple of very informational sites concerning the real agenda and attitudes of PETA and activists like ColdPlay.

As it stands, however, the truth is not being told here. And therefore I cannot in good conscience give this animal liberation propaganda a good score.

Keep an open mind, peeps. Don't let their wool be pulled over your eyes. (And does anyone find it sad that the guy who reviewed before me goin' "LOL AMERICAN PIGS" is from the U.S. himself?)

cloudofpain responds:

ever wonder why americans werent incredibly obese until up to about 5 years ago which is about when steroids in chickens became the thing to do? hmmmmm.

The Matrix Still Has You The Matrix Still Has You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

... Wow.

"i subtracted points for actually linking to AOL in the first entry... what a horrible ISP... "

... Wow. Judging a movie by a mere hyperlink?

That's sad. Really sad.

Anyway, this was a great followup. I really loved this one, guys! The idea of combining series of Matrix-related shorts has intruiged me since the first one -- it's like a flavor pack of chewing gum! Keep it up, and don't mind the people who blast this for stupid reasons!

9/11 - 3 Years After CT 9/11 - 3 Years After CT

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Nope, not funny.

The fact that this butchered a lot of sacred cows put aside, this just was not funny at all. That's not a matter of 'taking the internet seriously,' it just wasn't funny. It's just another attempt at playing on people's feelings on 9/11 (whether it be sorrow, glee, or irritability over how much it's been covered by the cynicists, anti-Americans, and pro-Americans in Newgrounds), and in my opinion, a bad one at that.

Gotta give IAmVincent2 credit, though -- he managed to make a 9/11 tribute that was bigger than 1 MB in filesize.

As an aside, anyone else love how these anti-American losers are going "ahahahaha americans deserved it lol die u stupid fat ingorant yankees," when plenty of people from outher countries (e.g. U.K., Austrailia, Canada) were slaughtered in the attacks? I guess if an anti-American's own countrymen die in an attack on U.S. soil, it's perfectly okay as long as Americans die.


iAmVincent2 responds:


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Like Jailbait? Like Jailbait?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Makes a rather solid point about society.

A rather solid point concerning underage girls dressing to provoke erections. ... No pun intended. Agent Simms totally makes this one, adding style, humor, and irony to what would have otherwise been an uninteresting (yet very valid) social commentary.

Though the solution to this problem isn't all that apparent to me ...

Anyways, you done good, Walrus Man. Keep up the pace.

(Oy, and what's with these yahoos going "LOLZ AMERICANS SUK!!11" in the previous reviews? God, people'll find ANYTHING to bash Americans over ... Is anti-Americanism, like, the new cocaine or something?)

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Terminator 3 Soundboard Terminator 3 Soundboard

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is a pretty good soundboard.

Soundboards seem to have become a fad among the portal goers, and that's resulted in some crappily done ones which've been voted low by me.

This one got a five, primarily because the opening text intro was rather hilarious and the actual soundboard was executed fairly well. The file size for this soundboard is also low compared to other soundboards I've seen, and yet despite the large amount of sounds available, it does not suffer from poor quality in sound.

There's not much I can say which would improve the soundboard - it's relatively small yet packs a lot of sounds, and is entertaining.

Good job!

The maze of Doom The maze of Doom

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This was good, but...


Seriously. This has a lot of fun potential, but you really ought to finish your stuff before you upload it to the portal. People probably aren't going to accept another Maze of Doom, v. 2. After all, NG's FAQ says not to do that.

So really... I'm not being harsh here, but you've got one chance with a movie to upload it in a complete fashion. If you upload another slightly changed movie, people will blam your ass off for spamming the Portal with teensily revised movies.

And if you upload a half-baked flash movie and intend to finish it later through updating the same entry, then you've missed out on getting a better score, because people will not like the unifnished product as much as they would the finished product - meaning, that you could have gotten a lot of 5's and 4's on this where people have either blammed or voted low.

Anyway, that's just my rant. Go ahead and finish this anyway, because it's got lots of potential.

And next time, upload complete movies! :D